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Minimalist Home Décor Brands

“Minimalism is binding the space, while making it breathable. It is barer; though by no means, less designed. Uncluttered spaces are the need of the hour. Minimalism seems like a natural fit.” - Heny Savla (Interior Designer, Livspace)

The steps to master a minimalist house decor starts with your philosophy, not your furniture. However, certain elements will help you set the style according to the rules of minimalist design. The saying “less is more” really takes a whole new meaning when designing a minimalist home. 

Here are three brands I’ve discovered and loved for simplifying my organization and day-to-day.

Open Spaces

Open Spaces offer a new way to find relief from a cluttered world with beautiful organization solutions.


Dims is a modern luxury home brand, started in 2018 and based in Culver City, California. It offers unique furniture pieces including desks, dressers and chairs as well as a range of smaller decor items.


New home brand OUI™, led by Nathan Williams, Chief Creative Officer for Indigo and Founder of Kinfolk magazine. Inspired by the natural world and contemporary art, OUI is a new collection of home décor, tabletop and wellness products. 

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