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Scent Design Adventure at Alethea Flowers

Scent Design Adventure at Alethea Flowers

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🎉Scents you'll love along the journey🎉

Immerse yourself in the art of creating custom room sprays while indulging in delightful tea and desserts.
Unleash your creativity to design captivating fragrances that set a romantic ambiance for any space.


401 Bentley St unit 1, Markham, ON L3R 9T2


Nov 19th 2023 from 1:00pm to 2:30pm
Nov 26th 2023 from 1:30pm to 3:00pm

- 1 Hour Workshop
- 30ml color & shimmer spray
- One drink & Dessert 

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Refill & Gift Your Scent

Refill: Completed your masterpiece at our workshop? Keep the aroma alive with our Refill Service! Simply send us your workshop formula card, and we'll replenish your room spray, ensuring your signature scent lingers.
Gift the Magic: Want to share the olfactory joy? We craft customized room sprays with your chosen scents. Send a piece of your crafted ambiance to friends and family—a truly special and personalized gift. Just let us know, and we'll turn your scents into a unique present!


  • As with all things flammable, we do want to remind you that you should take care in using incense. 
  • Please ensure that you do not leave the incense unattended.
  • Burn incense in a well ventilated room to avoid build up of the smoke. 
  • Keep lit and unlit incense away from children and pets.
  • Women who are pregnant should consult their doctor before burning incense.


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  • Aromatic Odyssey

    Embark on an olfactory journey through the history of fragrance, from ancient smokes to modern elegance.

  • Your Scent, Your Way

    Design a personalized room spray, selecting from a range of scents. It's not just a fragrance; it's your olfactory identity.

  • Hands-On Happiness

    Dive into hands-on joy as you blend, mix, and create your room spray. With expert guidance, turn scents into an art form, taking home a uniquely crafted masterpiece.