About Le Rouge

Who We are

A Toronto-based e-commerce team, we at Le Rouge Life take pride in offering only the finest incense and home fragrances. Incense should be more than just a smelly smoking stick. Scents are keenly tied to our moods, feelings, and memories. Even the smallest scent can take you back to a fond experience or a special moment in your life. And unlike most traditional sticks on the market, our premium line of incense uses only the most exclusive ingredients. Ensuring that every scent is just right, our natural ingredients are carefully sourced from all over the world.

But Le Rouge Life is so much more than incense. We offer a wide range of products all geared towards creating the perfect home atmosphere. One of luxury, comfort, and bliss. Amongst our diverse range of refreshing accessories, our inventory includes a premium line of incense sticks, soothing scented candles, essential oils, as well as a variety of decorative embellishments for designing the home of your dreams. Everything from our exquisite scents, to our colorful recyclable box is designed in-house making our hands-on approach the backbone of who we are.

Who we are

What We Believe

We believe that a home is a sacred place. A reliable sanctuary removed from the world’s pressures that welcomes you at the end of every day. There’s nothing like walking into a home filled with your favorite scents all working to improve your mood and instantly relax a busy mind. At Le Rouge, we curate beautiful, functional lifestyle objects that help to foster a comforting environment and a sense of serenity. With every product, we value timeless style over fast fashion. Quality over quantity. And above all else, the strictest attention to detail in everything we do. We believe in taking it slow, finding bliss in stillness, and bringing calm back into the heart and home. Live simply. Live beautifully.


Our Goal

By introducing scents like you’ve never experienced before, our products are all aimed at creating relaxing spaces where every moment can be enjoyed. Each piece is designed to awaken both your visual and olfactory senses, creating an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. Every moment is a gift; we want to celebrate it. In order to provide a seamless shopping experience, our partnerships with beautiful retail stores, a sleek online shop, and fast delivery times welcome customers at every point of purchase. We want to join you as you make your way through this journey of life; inviting you to pause, linger, admire, and be delighted at every step along the way.

Our Goal


Any questions or want to connect with us ? Please send us an email at info@lerouge.life and we will get back to you.

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