How To choose Incense Burners

How To choose Incense Burners

While the scent is the most obvious consideration when burning incense, where you will be burning it is also worth thinking about. It’s important to remember how the incense will look in your room when it isn’t burning. 

There are a variety of incense types, including stick, coil, cone, and resin. If you only burn stick incense, you can choose a holder that supports the stick straight or at an angle for a simple and classic look, or opt for a coffin-style holder to shield the incense from drafts.Vertical incense holder

The name speaks for itself. A vertical holder is usually a round shape. An incense stick stands straight while the ash falls in different directions on the holder.


Horizontal Wooden Incense

Filling your home with a calming scent doesn't have to be old fashion look or expensive. The combination of brass incense holder and wooden base give holder a contemporary look. The wooden trough base catches any falling ash and is decorated with a beautiful elegant brass square that looks great as part of a mantle, coffee table, or vanity display.

  Wire Incense Holder


Incense cones plate

For incense cones, you can use a small dish-style holder that comes with an optional funnel so you can get direct, powerful bursts of fragrance as well as an all-round, room-filling scent. Diffuser stone will boost the energy. Additional. it can be used for incense cones & Palo Santo sticks, but also can be diffuser for room.

Stone Burner Stone Burner

A few tips 

Incense holders also come in a variety of materials, including wood, ceramic, and brass. Wood holders are usually more budget-friendly and have a natural look, but are not heat-resistant and should only be spot-cleaned. Ceramic holders tend to come in more intricate designs and can easily be washed by hand with a mild dish soap and some can even be cleaned in boiling water. Brass holders are the best choice for resin incense because they can withstand high heats without cracking, but ceramic can also be used with resin when filled with sand first.

Stay powerful!

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