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Peace 20 - Lemon & Leather & Amber - Premium Incense- 19 Sticks

Peace 20 - Lemon & Leather & Amber - Premium Incense- 19 Sticks

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Peace 20 is classic. Warm. Familiar. With top notes of citrus, middle notes of pepper and flint, and a base of resinous amber, Peace 20 delivers spice and wood and a gorgeous smoky finish. It’s the ideal addition to an intimate evening: pair it with a glass of whiskey, a crackling fireplace and a long conversation with a good friend. 

Made with select Indonesian pepper, Peace 20’s powerful scent throw will easily fill a large room or apartment with its intoxicating aroma. The taller sticks offer a longer, more mindful experience. 

Wind down the evening with Le Rouge’s Peace 20 incense.

What’s included: 
19 incense sticks (14 cm)

40-minute burn time per stick
A complimentary pottery incense holder


    As with all things flammable, we do want to remind you that you should take care in using incense. 

    Please ensure that you do not leave the incense unattended.

    Burn incense in a well ventilated room to avoid build up of the smoke. 

    Keep lit and unlit incense away from children and pets.

    Women who are pregnant should consult their doctor before burning incense.

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