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TANGENT GC - Oud Body Wash - 350 mL

TANGENT GC - Oud Body Wash - 350 mL

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TGC301 oud is a perfumed, organic body wash — crafted with pure vegetable oils. Once the host tree is stricken by a certain kind of mould, it secretes resin in defence, turning virgin wood dark. From that darkness the coveted oud oil is extruded by means of steam distillation; generously wooden with resinous spikes.

Organic and vegan.
Cruelty free.
Made in France.
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Our products are natural and organic, and they have been from the outset. The natural aspect was important, not only in order to avoid harmful chemicals, but as a mean to raise the overall product quality.

We have applied the same strict rules when formulating new products and adding them to our range.

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